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Our white, but not quite ordinary shirt

Ideal for all types of sports and recreational activities.

A white 100% cotton shirt for everyday use, made with love and care, and in sizes for 2-12 year olds.

Available in a pack of one or two pieces.

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How our patterns are created

Our patterns are created from love.

We find the inspiration in imagination and everyday life, in smell of flowers, dance of the animals, depths of the seas, space and endless magic places.

Everything that enchants us with its oddity or shining beauty attracts our attention. We develop our ideas through dialogs, in order to come to the final version of pattern which we then revive by painting it in aquarelle technique. With magic brush our brand Capitano e Sirene turns imagination into reality.

By combining excellent quality and unusual design, Capitano e Sirene wants to make sure that children will have warm and safe trip through dreams, world of imagination and fantasy and it gently follows their growing up.

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