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From imagination to reality

When I was a child, I spent a lot of time playing with dolls. I was trying out various combinations wanting to make a perfect dress from variety of materials I could get hold of. During my studies I worked in one company which was selling marketing material. Then and there I took my first opportunity, a moment when my company got its first offer to make uniforms for promoters. I started working on it without prior experience, and that meant I was supposed to choose the right material, and organize production of those uniforms and its branding. I gained more and more experience by fulfilling more and more demanding tasks and projects. Thar finally culminated in opening my own company in 2006.

My dreams started to come true, and my favorite childhood game became my job. Despite the big commercial success based on quality and supreme design of female shirts which I produced for famous Serbian drugstore chain, part of me felt unfulfilled. Everything changed one beautiful day in June when I became mother of a beautiful baby girl, that wonderful creature who I wanted to dress up in perfect outfit every single day.

Day after day I started creating various pieces of clothing
inspired by children’s playfulness, imagination, wishes and needs. There the idea was born, idea which I brought from the world of imagination to reality and that is how children underwear and pajamas brand Capitano e Sirene was created.

Capitano e Sirene 

We are not only the brand of children’s clothe, Capitano e Sirene turns dreams of your children into reality. Our biggest source of inspiration are memories of the magic of childhood, that warm and carless period, which we try to revive and experience every day.

Bran Capitano e Sirene was created in 2018 and includes our wonderful designer Milica Aleksic who draws all our patterns and people working in production where all our clothes is sewn and where true magic is created.

How our patterns are created

Our patterns are created from love.

We find the inspiration in imagination and everyday life, in smell of flowers, dance of the animals, depths of the seas, space and endless magic places.

Everything that enchants us with its oddity or shining beauty attracts our attention. We develop our ideas through dialogs, in order to come to the final version of pattern which we then revive by painting it in aquarelle technique. With magic brush our brand Capitano e Sirene turns imagination into reality. Chosen patterns address children as well as parents with its playful and original esthetics, relying on carefully designed and created product according to ecological and ethical standards.

By combining excellent quality and unusual design, Capitano e Sirene wants to make sure that children will have warm and safe trip through dreams, world of imagination and fantasy and it gently follows their growing up.